follow your own course

Do you listen to advice or do you follow your own course?



Advice usually comes from a place of caring and consideration. However, sometimes advice comes from a place of jealousy. In that case, follow your own course.

Sometimes advice comes in the form of messages like these: “slow down” “try not to make too much content” “are you focusing on the right thing”
These messages are good messages to listen to when you’re really doing too much, when you’re burning the candle at both ends, and when you’re completely off track.
But sometimes, we just know what we need to do. Sometimes, deep down, our hearts long for something and we dream of living out our childhood dreams. Sometimes messages like this are said by people close to us and the messages come from a place deep down that the owner of the message wouldn’t even admit is a place of jealousy. Sometimes the messages run so deep through their veins and yours that it would hurt too much to confront them about the message. Sometimes, they are jealous of you following your dreams while they don’t have the opportunity to do so. Sometimes, it hurts too much to admit this.
Does this speak true to you? Have you ever experienced this? Are you the one sending out messages like these to other dreamers in the world. Or are you receiving messages like these from people who care for you?
When this is true, then go back to your own why. Ask yourself why you’re doing this.

It’s not always easy to follow your own course or to listen to advice

It’s not always easy to answer yes when you on either side of the equation. But you need to acknowledge your doings and other people’s doings too.

They mean well

Messages like these, when coming from people close to us, usually mean well. People don’t always realize they envy you. They don’t see that their advice can hinder your progress.

You do what you need to do

Get the job done. If you know that you’re doing the right thing. If you’re seeing the results (too small for anyone else to notice), keep doing what you’re doing. If your heart and head are both saying yes, and only your inner critic is questioning you. Then, keep going.
Ignore the questions. Ignore the the bay Sayers. Focus on you. Focus on your goals. Focus on your dreams.

And work your butt off.

Nothing worth achieving is easy to achieve. Everything you dream of requires work, hard work.
So put in the work. Keep dreaming. And don’t stop.


Because you’re worth it. Because you only live once (I know it’s a cliche but dammit it’s true). And, because I believe in you and you should too.

Remember these words

“I’m free to be what I want”
Muhammad Ali
So, follow your own course, and work hard. This combination will lead you to success.


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