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Procrastination is not a symptom it’s a clue

Let me write that again, procrastination is not a symptom it’s a clue. Procrastination is a clue that you’re not doing what you want to be doing. I received an email this week from Ash Ambirge about exactly this and I realised how lucky I am because when I know what I’m doing I don’t procrastinate. Huh?

Let me elaborate

We all procrastinate, right? We have done so when we’re meant to be studying, when we’re meant to be capturing that boring data into the lousy computer, and when we’re actually supposed to be paying attention during that meeting. You know those days, and you probably open Facebook first.

Well, that’s normal. But, all of these things I listed above have one thing in common. They are all things we don’t want to be doing. They are things we are not interested in.

So, don’t do them.

Do everything in your power not to do boring things.

I know this sounds like such a great idea doesn’t it? But sometimes we get stuck. We get stuck in our lives of routine. Often it’s easier to stay stuck than to get unstuck because getting yourself unstuck requires guts. It also requires taking risks and it’s pretty scary to take risks.

But, if you don’t want to be doing boring things then you need to decide to change that. Nobody can do that for you, but you.

Sometimes, boring is better

Yes, I agree. It’s safe. But, it’s only better because you don’t know what you really want to do. And so, you sit day-after-day procrastinating in between doing the stuff you hate. And you’re going to be doing this for a really long time. Is boring really better?

I’m not saying go quit your life

Don’t go quite your job! Don’t do anything drastic that will land you up on the streets.

So, what am I saying?

I am saying, think. Think hard about what you can do without feeling like you need to escape (seriously, think about it). Now,  Could you do that for 8 hours/10 hours/14 hours a day? Would you enjoy doing that 365 days a year? No? Yes? Could you adapt this thing into something bigger, something greater? Could you create something new?

Could you start today?

If you answered yes to my questions above then think about how you could start doing that special thing today without going cold turkey on the rest of your life? Ever heard of the “Side Hustle”? Well, there is no reason why this super awesome, super exciting thing you love to do can’t first be a side hustle? Maybe, your procrastination could be on your side hustle instead of Facebook?

Procrastination with purpose!

Find out what you want to be doing and in the time that you would usually be procrastinating on [insert social media name here] rather procrastinate on doing what you want to be doing.

Taking small steps every day in the right direction is better than taking no steps at all, it’s better than running in the wrong direction too.

I know I want to be writing and I know I have to write every day in order to reach my goals and bring my dreams to life. Matt asked me this morning; ‘So, do you actually write every day?’ And, with all certainty I could say; ‘YES!’ and that, my friend, felt pretty good to be able to say.


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