Rooibos Infused Gin & Tonic

The Not So Perfect Life Rooibos Infused Gin & Tonic || Cocktail



This is the second cocktail I am doing. Last month I did the delicious Cabin 10 cocktail, which was a grapefruit and wine concoction. It was a super easy one to make and it tasted delish. This month I decided to opt for a bittersweet gin & tonic to compliment the book we are busy reading.

The book we are reading in the online book club is ‘My Not So Perfect Life’ by Sophie Kinsella and this cocktail is a jumble of not so perfect ingredients all mixed together to form the perfect drink.

Not So Perfect Gin & Tonic

This G&T is easy, however, there is some prep work involved. I suggest doing the infusion the day before or earlier in the morning in order to serve this by sunset (hint hint; this is the perfect sundowner).

Recipe card gin & tonic

ingredients gin & tonic

METHOD gin & tonic



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