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#41 Foot Therapy – 5 Minute Foot Pilates to Restore the Arch

In this short and sweet video I demonstrate how to strengthen the muscles underneath your foot (Abductor hallucis, Adductor hallucis, Abductor digiti minimi, Flexor digitorum brevis, Flexor hallucis brevis, Quadratus plantae). These muscles help to lift your bridge and prevent your foot from falling flat. In turn this helps to prevent postural genu valgum (knock knees).

Exercise 1 – Crunch & point

Crunch your toes in with a flexed foot. Slowly point your foot while trying to keep the toes crunched up as much as possible. Repeat at least 5 times on either side. And then alternate sides while doing both feet at the same time.

Exercise 2 – Pull the towel in

Place a towel open on the floor in front of you. Slowly pull the towel in underneath your foot. Switch feet. Do this at least twice on each side.

Exercise 3 – Stretch

Place the ball of the one foot on the floor and try to push the floor away while keeping high up on the ball of the foot, while keeping the supporting leg slightly bent. Then, turn the toes over making sure the foot is in line with the ankle and push down into the ground. Repeat this on the other side.

These are 3 quick exercises to do daily and they will really help strengthen your feet and lift the bridge of the foot higher.


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