7 Ways to be more productive

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With another Monday just around the corner I am starting to plan my week and starting to wonder how I am going to get everything done that needs to be done. So I’ve decided to share some ways to be more productive in your everyday life. The list of ways can be for productivity at home, at work, or on your blog.

  1. To do lists

    Make monthly, weekly, and daily to do lists, and then stick to them. There are so many ways that you can create to do lists. One of my favourite ways to keep track of what I need to do is by using Wunderlist. Lately though, I have been gravitating back towards physical paper and pen, however I have not found the perfect planner for me yet. I am really considering a binder that I can then create and print my own planner to use.

  2. Silence that phone

    Whether you simply place your phone on silence or put it into airplane mode, it can be a huge help. By silencing your phone you block out distractions and this can help you get more done especially when you’re working on a tight schedule.

  3. Time block

    Block out time in your day for certain activities or things you have to do. This can be very helpful as you’re setting a focus time for one specific thing only. This can be things like; exercise for 40 minutes, answer emails for 20 minutes, write for an hour. Set your alarm for this as sometimes we get lost in our tasks too.

  4. Time limits

    Give yourself hard time limits. Tell yourself you only have 30 minutes to cook, and 10 minutes to do the washing. By doing this you will keep yourself motivated to complete a task within that time.

  5. Rewards and punishments

    If you don’t complete a task or you take too long, give yourself a punishment so that next time you will try even harder to complete the task as it should be done. And, if you do complete it give yourself a reward. Punishments can be anything from pushups to no sugar. I find what works well for a reward is to have a bigger reward in mind and use a sticker chart system to obtain this. Every time you complete a task or finish something on time you get a sticker and once you have a certain amount of stickers you can get your reward. Rewards can be anything from a new pair of shoes to a massage.

  6. Break

    Make sure you take breaks throughout the day. It’s important to have rest otherwise burnout will be around the corner.

  7. Stay hydrated

    I know this sounds like common knowledge but the moment you get caught up in work and distracted you forget to drink water (well I know I do), so set reminders on your phone to drink water every 30 minutes or remind yourself to drink water after each task is done. Carrying a water bottle around with you all day will also help you to stay hydrated.


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