The ugly truth about death

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Death is a funny thing. No one likes to talk about death.

The worst part about death for me is that life goes on. No matter how much you miss the deceased you can’t stop doing what you have to do. You still need to carry on with your life.

There is a grieving period for everyone and then life has to return to, not normal but to something.

I think of a friend that left behind a fiance and a little girl. How do they carry on with life? I don’t know how I would. But you have no choice. You just have to. And that’s the worst part of death for me.

Its not that the one that has passed away is forgotten but it’s simply that you have to carry on living and sometimes it may look to others from the outside that they are being forgotten but it’s not at all true.

Not a day has gone by since I found out about  her passing that I haven’t thought of her. We weren’t even that close. We chatted on Facebook, saw each other once in a while, but that’s it.

Her death hit me hard. Way harder than I would have ever thought. I think because it’s too close too home.

I find myself almost daily looking at her Facebook page in the hope of some update or change. Hoping someone will say “got you, it was all a joke”. But I also know that this will never happen. I look through her photos and I still can’t believe it.

This is one death in my life that has probably hit me the hardest. It was unfair, unexpected, unjust and not supposed to happen.

And then, I realise that I have to work/bath the kids/eat/do something that we do every single day. And so life has to go on. I feel guilty for my life going on and I feel that no one should ever forget her, and no one should ever stop thinking about her. But sadly this is the way of the world.

Death is not something I can explain, not in a case like hers. I don’t think her loved ones will ever truly get over her death and they shouldn’t.

Rest in peace, you deserve it!


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  1. I know exactly how this feels! A few years ago I went onto Facebook one morning only to see that a girl I had just spent 6 months with suddenly died in a car crash. I burst out crying and ended up sobbing uncontrollably for about 5 mins. I couldn’t explain why I had reacted like that?! It’s not like we were close, but I think as you say, it was on one hand just how unfair it all felt – she was so young, she has such great things planned, she wanted to build an orphanage… It just never made any sense. And over the years you realise that these things happen, and as you say, life goes on… It has to. Just this year 2 people I knew have died, one leaving a husband who is now a widower for the 2nd time in 5 years! And they have 3 little boys. It doesn’t make any sense, but it makes you realise that this could happen to you, or anyone you love, at any time. So do what you love, spend time with the people you love, enjoy your life…

    1. Very well said. Life can be so short and so unfair but it can also be incredibly rewarding. We need to be thankful for what we have and appreciate every day.

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