Throw these 70 things away



  As I’m busy decluttering my life I have come across many things that you should get rid of. This list below are items that create a messy look in your house and more often than not are not needed at all.

This has slowly but surely turned into a long list. you can tackle this list by focussing on throwing away one thing at a time on the list or you can throw away as you come across any of these things. I prefer to throw away as I go because walking around my house searching for items to throw away just sounds like a waste of time. Items with a star infant of them are things you should donate rather than just throw away.

So here goes:

  1. Unused cell phone accessories
  2. Old electronics instruction manuals
  3. *Books you’ve already read and don’t have space for
  4. Old university/ school books
  5. Extra buttons that come with new clothes (you keep them because you think you “might” need them some day, but be honest have you every used them?)
  6. Games or puzzles with missing pieces
  7. Delete old unused documents and files off your computer
  8. Delete unwanted itunes music (I don’t ever even listen to iTunes anymore as streaming music has become so big. I only use iTunes to store all my dancing music)
  9. Delete old emails (get that inbox to 0 baby)
  10. Unsubscribe from annoying emails (don’t just delete these)
  11. Old bank statements
  12. Old fortune cookie or sugar papers
  13. *Promotional clothing you never wear (think t-shirts, caps, bags, etc)
  14. *Hand-me-downs that you have been guilt tripped into keeping
  15. Expired food
  16. Christmas lights that don’t work
  17. *Bleached towels
  18. *Outdated clothes (don’t wait for them to come back in style, you’ll probably be too old to wear them then)
  19. Old files and folders
  20. Shopping bags
  21. Old or broken decorations
  22. Loyalty shopping cards you don’t use
  23. Extra/unused mugs (any crockery for that matter)
  24. Old herbs and spices
  25. Old batteries
  26. Used envelopes
  27. Your kids old art work (scan these in so that you can keep the memory, only keep the really special pieces)
  28. Ripped or broken clothes (if you keep promising yourself you will fix them and still haven’t, you never will)
  29. Unused stationary, sticky notes, stickers, paper, etc
  30. Random containers and jars (try to repurpose these to optimise storage in your house)
  31. Old art supplies
  32. Junk Mail
  33. Tupperware without matching lids
  34. Broken appliances or kitchen equipment
  35. *Worn out shoes
  36. *Old blankets and pillows
  37. Handbags you don’t use
  38. Broken electronics
  39. Empty containers
  40. Broken costume jewellery
  41. Pens that don’t work
  42. Laddered stockings
  43. Socks with holes in them
  44. Socks with a missing partner
  45. Old underwear
  46. Stained clothing
  47. Old DVD’s
  48. Old paper work or bills
  49. Expired vouchers and coupons
  50. Expired medication
  51. Dried up nail polish
  52. Expired condiments
  53. Sample-size toiletries
  54. Old make-up
  55. Old toiletries
  56. *Gifts you don’t like
  57. *Clothes that don’t fit
  58. *Scarves, hats, socks, and gloves that you don’t ever wear
  59. * Old bras
  60. *Kitchen utensils you don’t use
  61. Hair accessories you don’t use
  62. Hair elastics that no longer stretch
  63. Bobby pins that have twisted
  64. Magazines
  65. Leftover small change
  66. Receipts you don’t need
  67. Scrap pieces of paper lying around
  68. Cards with no sentimental value
  69. Extra earring butterflies
  70. Earrings without matching mates

So, if you come across any of these items in your house within the next month GET RID OF THEM! Recycle, bin, or donate. It doesn’t matter as long as they are no longer your property.


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