Don’t let life make you hard

  Life is tough. No one ever said life was easy and each and every one of us has our own problems to deal with. Sometimes though those problems become overwhelming and the problems we face can change us.

In life we have to make daily decisions to care, decisions to be nice, to strike up a conversation and to talk to that stranger. These decisions sound easy as pie but more often than not we are too shy/preoccupied/just couldn’t care less. And this makes us hard as people.

We all want other people to care about us, yet we don’t bother caring for anyone else or anyone we don’t really know. How is this fair? We are living in a world of double standards. We need to make a difference by being present, by showing how we care, and by making a little bit of effort.

Only good things can come from going out of your way to help others, by chatting to someone, and by being nice. Not only could you make someone else’s day but you will definitely make your own. It’s the best feeling to create happiness for others and to see others appreciate what you do.

So go out this week and focus on:

  1. Asking a stranger how they are doing?
  2. Start up a random conversation.
  3. Show someone that you really do care, even though they may think you don’t.
  4. Make the effort to make someone be happy. This will be different for every person which means you need to think carefully what you can do and how you can change someone else’s day for the better.
  5. Show your appreciation for someone. Anyone. Someone that does something you really want/need/can’t live without/love having. Just say “thank you” at least.

By focussing on these small things you will definitely make someone’s day and you will also make your life more pleasant overall. Because face it, we are all so much nicer to people that we like and people who we appreciate and that appreciate us in return.

But don’t be fake! Don’t go out to please and to try get people to like you. Be genuine. Be honest.


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