The busy girls fitness hacks


Busy girl’s or even lazy girls really need some motivation sometimes to stay fit and to do easy tasks to keep going. Here are some fantastic fitness hacks for the very busy. Try to incorporate them into your daily lives.

  1. Keep it short

    Try opt for shorter but more intense workouts rather than longer, more chilled workouts. This way you maximise your time.

  2. Schedule time

    Many people advise getting your exercise out of the way, so doing it first thing in the morning so that the rest of your day is free. But, honestly everyone is different and you need to schedule a time that works for you.

  3. Double TV time

    Make sure that you do some awesome TV exercises while you’re watching your favourite shows. The longer you watch, the more exercise you’ll get in. Try this busy girl’s tv workout.

  4. Grab a friend

    Getting a friend to join you will help keep you both motivated as you’ll hold each other accountable.

  5. Multitask

    Don’t just stand still while brushing teeth, cooking or washing dishes. Try doing this instead.

  6. Keep hydrated

    The more water you drink the more body fat you’ll burn and the better your muscles will be able to fire in order to give everything during your workout sessions.

  7. Make it a habit

    Repetition creates habit. Keep a calendar and cross off every day you exercise. Try to keep it up and reward yourself for a certain amount of days without stopping.

  8. Get enough sleep

    If you don’t sleep enough you’re not going to have enough energy for that workout and even if you force yourself to do it you won’t be able to give 100%. So, make sure you rest enough.

  9. Rewards

    Set small goals and once you reach them give yourself little rewards.

  10. Hire someone to help you out

    Get a trainer or join a class. Having the external help, motivation, and someone to drive you towards your goals is often just what you need.


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