Friendships count




This week we’re dealing with a little girl who is really nasty to the other little girls. We have had this problem in the past and we have had this problem with this particular girl before. 

Shouting at her or chasing her out of class also doesn’t seem to bother her one bit so I had a chat with her teacher today to try mix things up a bit and we decided to place more emphasis in that particular class on group and partner work as well as emphasizing our dance family as a whole. 

It’s important to us that all out dancers feel like family and treat each other as family. Because after all dance friends are friends for life. 

This got me thinking about some of my friends and about keeping in touch and doing small things that mean the world. Friends are really important in life and we should all be able to lean on our friends for help and support when you need it. And even more so a good laugh and a glass of wine. 

Characteristics of a good friend to me are:

  1. Loyalty You need to know that if you tell your friend a secret. It stays secret and that your friend will never talk badly begins your back and always stand up for you too. 
  2. Honesty Don’t bother with anyone that goes through all the effort to lie to you. Really, it’s not worth it. 
  3. Reliability and dependability You need someone who will pitch when you made arrangements and be there if you need them. They are your life line. 
  4. No judgement A good friend accepts you and what you do as is. However, advice is always welcomed and constructive criticism is also needed. 
  5. Be real. Don’t fake it. Be real around each other. You shouldn’t have to put up a presence for your best friend. If you’re feeling blue, be blue. If you’re happy share that happiness and be happy. 
  6. Accept each other You are the way you are because that’s who you are and that’s the same with your friend so you must be able to accept each other. 
  7. Forgive Everyone makes mistakes and everyone goes through ups and downs in life. You need to be able to forgive each other for any hurt you may have caused to one another in the past. 
  8. A good listener Friends listen when you talk. That’s why you have them. So that you can talk to them. 
  9. Share a sense of humor there is nothing better than sharing a good laugh with your friend
  10. Thoughtful a friend needs to know what your favourite things are and do things that will make you feel happy. 

This all said. Remember you too need to be these things in return. Friendship is well worth the time and investment that goes into it. So take some time and be a good friend to a good friend. 


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