How to write the perfect thank you note



This week I found myself writing a thank you email to someone we really never see for the cutest gift they bought Hayden.

What was interesting though was that I didn’t quite know how to say thank you and if what I was saying was enough. Have we lost the ability to say thank you properly? Have thank you notes become a thing of the past?

It’s quite sad that I wasn’t sure how to say thanks properly and that I find myself asking these questions. But think about it, how often do you write a note to someone to thank them for something? It’s such a small gesture but it really can mean a lot.

So, I found myself doing nothing a little research. I combined what I thought was the best advice and this is what I found.

  1. Keep it personal

    Don’t make your thank you note too formal because it will just sound fake.

  2. Make sure you express your thanks using two easy words

    Thank you!

  3. Be specific

    Go into detail about what you are thankful for, whether you have made use of the gift or will be using it in the future and what you love about it. This makes the person know that you’re really thankful for the time they have taken to pick the gift specially for you.

  4. Say it again

    Restate your thanks at the end of the note again.

  5. Finish it off nicely

    Send your love, have a friendly greeting.

Remember a thank you note can sometimes be even better than a gift. It really shows that you appreciate the gift and the thought. It also shows that you cared enough to take the time to say a quick thank you.

Thank you notes are more than just polite. They are special and meaningful. I am going to make more of an effort to write thank you notes in the future.


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