You only have one body – look after it!


I know this is pretty much common sense but somehow, even though we all know this we don’t really live by this. And we should. 

I have been lucky, or unlucky, enough to have been able to watch people around me struggle with their bodies. Some from illness, some from repetitive broken bones and surgeries, and some from bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles. It’s ugly. It’s not fair on ourselves to treat ourselves so badly. 

You are the most important person in your life! And you need to treat yourself that way too. Even though you have children, husbands, friends, and loved ones all around. You still need to remain the most important person in your life. Without you so many people’s lives would be very different. So make sure you look after yourself!

I’m not one to promote crash dieting, fad diets, pills, or any other extreme forms of becoming “healthy”. All of these things are illusions created to make you think you’re healthy and to make you temporarily feel good but the don’t last and they all have long term effects. 

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is the way to go. I’m not talking about only exercise and eating right. I’m talking about life in general. Mental and emotional health too. 

You need to be happy in all aspects of your life. Work. Home. Emotional. Mental health. Eating. Exercise. You need to have things that you do just for you. Time that you can put aside as “me” time. Time where you make some effort to ylook after ourself and your own needs. 

So think about this a little bit. What are you doing for yourself? What are you doing for you? If you’re not doing anything for yourself then start. Start now. Start small. Start with something that will immediately make you feel better. Like taking a long bath. 

The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to look after yourself. The last thing you want is to be trapped inside a body that holds you back. 


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