Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah Book Review

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah || Book Review

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah is a book that sadly left me wanting more. This is the second novel I have read by Kristin Hannah and in all honesty I think that reading The Nightingale first spoilt this book for me because it set such high expectations.

Here is the full book review video and I have given a summary of the video down below too.

A few quick facts about Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

  1. Kristin Hannah has been writing for 30 years
  2. It takes her a 1 -2 years to write a book
  3. She has written over 20 novels
  4. she’s a former lawyer turned writer

Things you may not know about Kristin

  1. Kristin Hannah’s guilty pleasures are Cosmos and Massages
  2. wears her mom’s engagement ring on a chain around her neck as a good luck charm
  3. When she was a little girl she thought she would grow up to be a ballet dancer

Into the book

Title: Firefly Lane
Author: Kristin Hannah
Genre: Women’s Fiction

About the book – Firefly Lane

Format I read it in: Paperback
What i loved: I loved the story idea
What I hated: It felt like it was really drawn out (it could have been shorter and sweeter)
My favorite part: Must be when Tully buys Kate the notebook so that she can tell her story

Before Reading

What is my first impression?
Cover: Liked
Blurb: Sounded interesting but it didn’t sound particularly special
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah book cover

While Reading

What was my initial reaction to the book? 
I was excited. Having read The Nightingale I had high expectations. But, it was a difficult book to get through. It took me a really long time as I kept starting new books and putting this one down.
What was my favorite quote/passage?
“It’s never good to sit around and wait for someone of something to change your life.”
Did I find any themes throughout the book?
Mistrust- especially from Kate’s side
Which character did I like the most?
What three words would I use to describe the book?
Friendship. Mistrust. Tedious.
Who do I see playing the characters roles in a movie?
Diane Keating (Mrs Mularky)
Diane Lane (Katie)
Nicole Kidman (Tully)
Richard Gere (Johnny)
Did I know? How did I know?
I didn’t. I thought Johnny would cheat on Kate.
How did I feel about the ending? 
The ending was my favourite part. I was full on ugly crying. It was so real, and so sad.
What type of reader would be interested in this book?
If you’re interested in books about friendship and real life, this one is for you.
What is my biggest takeaway from the book? 
Life is short. We only live once and to try live a full life. One without regrets. To do everything you want to do.

Last thoughts

I wish I could have loved this book more, but I just didn’t until the end.


Thumbs up/down: Sadly down
Rating: 4/10

Want to buy the book?

Get the Paperback over here or at your local bookstore.
Listen to the Audiobook over here.
Buy the Kindle/Ebook version over here.


2 responses to “Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah || Book Review”

  1. Sam Jardim Avatar
    Sam Jardim

    The end is so raw… left me wanting more too.
    There is a movie actually. Well kind of, the plots are quite similar but I’m not sure if they’re linked. It’s got Drew Barrymore in it. 🙂
    Lucky for me it was my first time reading her work. What’s funny is that I’m also struggling with the second one, “the winter garden”.

    1. It’s really raw! Wow, I’m definitely going to check out that movie. It does sound interesting. I haven’t read The Winter Garden. But do yourself a favour and read The Nightingale. It’s definitely one of my all-time favourite books.

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