The Stranger Within by Kathryn Croft

The Stranger Within by Kathryn Croft Book Review

The Stranger Within by Kathryn Croft is one of those books that isn;t that predictable but you think you know what’s going to happen until right at the end BAM you’re surprised completely. Very few books can catch me completely off guard. This was one of them that did and I loved that about it.

A few quick facts

  1. This is the second book I am reviewing by Kathryn Croft (The other one was The Girl You Lost)
  2. Kathryn has just finished writing her 6th book – out in October 2017
  3. She is currently working on her 7th book

Things you may not know

  1. Kathryn lives in Surrey
  2. Kathryn always knows exactly how her book will end before she starts writing
  3. Kathryn used to be an English teacher
Title The Stranger Within
Author Kathryn Croft
Genre Psychological Thriller


Month July
Book The Stranger Within
Format Audio
Cost 1 Audible credit
Thumbs up/down Thumbs up
Rating 8/10
What I loved I loved the unpredictable ending
What I hated I hated
My favorite part The fact that I was surprised


What is your first impression of the title, the cover, back cover blurb?
I wasn’t sure what “The Stranger Within” could stand for. It was nice to see this meaning play out through the book.


What was my initial reaction to the book? 
I was hopeful before reading this book because I have read one of Kathryn’s other books and really enjoyed it as well as the twist.
What was my favorite quote/passage?
“Houses have a different feel when you are alone in them. Silent and cold, no matter what time of the day or month it is.”
Did I find any themes throughout the book?
Which character did I like the most?
Callie, she was very strong at the end despite her mistakes
What three words would I use to describe the book?
Unpredictable, Lies, Unfaithful
Who do I see playing the characters roles in a movie?
Callie – Carey Mulligan
James – Tom Hardy
Dylan – Jake Short
Luke – Jared Gilmore
Max (ex boyfriend) – Jason Isaacs
Reece – Johnny Simmons
Did I know? How did I know?
No, not at all. The ending was a massive surprise.
How did I feel about the ending? 
I loved how utterly unpredictable the ending was.

What does the story do best? 

I love a good psychological thriller and Kathryn is really good at writing one.

What type of reader would be interested in this book?

Anyone that loves a good mystery, a great twist, a thriller of any sorts.

What is my biggest takeaway from the book? 

Life can be unpredictable. Remember you have to live with your own decisions.

Last Thoughts

You need to be able to wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror with a clear conscience. Be good.


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