Things you have to do at the beach


I am not particularly a beach person. I prefer the bush. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the beach…I just love the bush more. There are a few things about being at the beach that aren’t so great for me.

I’m not a fan of leaving and finding beach sand everywhere for days and weeks to come. I hate that everything, including your food, will be covered in sand. I’m not a fan of the sand. There are some things I do love about the sand though. I love digging my feet into the sand. And I love standing dead still in the water  and feeling the sand disappear underneath my feet with the tide.

We just had a lovely holiday in the Cape. First we were on the West Coast of South Africa in Jacobsbaai, and then in Cape Town. Going to the beach was inevitable. Going to the beach can be fun, and kids love the beach. So, we went. We had to go! Lilah loves the beach. She refers to the beach as the big sand pit and the water. What could be better than a big sandpit? Very few things, I tell you. Going with the kids and seeing how much fun they have makes going to the beach worth while.

There are a few things you have to do whenever you do visit the beach.

  1. Build a sand castle
    Big or small. Fancy or simple. Building a sand castle is a must do!
  2. Eat fish and chips
    For me the best thing about the coast is the fresh seafood. You can buy me over with fresh fish and chips with lots of salt and vinegar.
  3. Burry your feet in the sand
    This is a great exfoliator. You won’t even need to go for a pedi after visiting the beach. You will have to repaint your toenails though. Sea sand can be quite harsh and chip your nail polish off.
  4. Have a soft serve ice-cream
    Any hot day is better with ice-cream. Every beach holiday I have been on has always included ice-cream. So naturally it just doesn’t feel complete without a cone of soft serve.
  5. Write your name in the sand
    You don’t have to write your name. This time Matt write Lilah’s name on the beach. It was too cute.
  6. Swim in the sea
    If you can brave the Cape Town sea, go ahead! For kids this one is a lot easier done than it is for adults. I think kids have no fear and nothing holding them back like we adults seem to have.
  7. Play with a ball on the beach
    We didn’t have a ball with us this time but Lilah loves balls and being able to play with a ball in the ‘big sandpit’ would be absolute heaven to her.
  8. Read a book (if you have time)
    I didn’t really have time to do this, this time. But it’s one of my favourite things to do while tanning. An old fashioned book is best as you can’t see the screen properly on an iPad.
  9. Tan
    Again, if you have time. But just being in the sun you’ll catch some rays.
  10. Exercise
    Exercise on the beach and you can even take a dip after.



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