Little secrets to help you exercise and stay healthy


As mentioned in this post I am getting back into a fitness routine after having my, oh so cute, baby boy. There are a few little secrets that I have for living a healthier and more active lifestyle and i’m going to share them with you.

1. I Drink plenty of water. I use an awesome water  bottle where you can infuse fresh fruit into the water. I always make sure that I carry a bottle with me, this way I land up drinking a lot more water than I would usually drink. I try to drink a glass before every meal. If I feel hungry inbetween meals I drink water! Often I find myself feeling hungry and it’s only thirst.

2. I try to always stay aware of my movement and I do little things throughout the day to keep active. I don’t limit myself to designated workout time slots in the day. I try to work in extra little workouts in my day. I do calf raises while cooking, wall sits while brushing my teeth and tricep dips while running the bath.

3. I also make use of some great fitness Phone apps 4. I try to eat at least 5 meals a day so that I don’t eat too little. Abs I believe in not depriving myself completely of treats.  

5. I make use if my  baby where I can in my workouts. Baby’s make for good weights and are great in resistance training. 6. I get Lilah to join in the fun and try to do the exercises with me. She just loves it! 7. As a family we try to make working our and fitness in general a family affair by going  on plenty of walks together

8. Mostly I try not to take the easy way out of things. I’ll Park my car far away from the entrance of a mall or shops and walk. I try to never take the elevators (this one is difficult for me because of having a pram so I try my best to use a baby carrier and then I can still take the stairs).

Working out and focusing on your fitness should never be an on-off thing. It should be like the typical short-lived new years resolution. It needs to be a lifestyle! Making little changes in the way you live in the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. 


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