How To Name Book Characters

How To Name Book Characters: 4 Things To Remember

How to name book characters is such an important question to ask when writing a book. I think, often a name pops into our heads and we’re inclined to use the name before really thinking the name through.

In this video I give an example of a character introduction of a cute little girl and then pair a name that is not suited to her at all. I explain why the name is wrong, what you should consider when naming your characters and then I retell the character introduction with the correct name. It’s a fun little exercise but it also really illustrates what I’m getting at.

How to name book characters: the 4 things


Try pick easy to pronounce names so that hopefully everyone will be able to say the name. You don’t want to slow down the reading process or get your reader irritated in any way.

Start each name with a different letter

By having each character name start with a different letter you make writing notes of your book a lot quicker and easier as you don’t have to write out full names, but rather just a letter. It also makes reading easier as the characters cannot be confused because of their name. The reader simply needs to see the first letter of the name to realise it’s a new character.

Not too long

Again, shorter names makes the actual writing process quicker but it also makes the reading process quicker too. If your character’s name is long, then consider using a nickname for your character.

The name must suit your character

You need to make sure that the name you pick oozes out your characters personality. Don’t pick stereotypical names that already have a stigma to them because people will automatically place your character into that box. You don’t want that!

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3 responses to “How To Name Book Characters: 4 Things To Remember”

  1. I love this, very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Jennifer

  2. Cassandra Jones Avatar
    Cassandra Jones

    Thank you for sharing. Thais is great advice! It’s one of the things I struggle with the most.

  3. Jenny Kennedy Avatar
    Jenny Kennedy

    I once read a book with a character called Aoife. It annoyed me so much that I didn’t know how to pronounce it and it definitely distracted me but, thanks to the power of Google, I know now 🙂 Ee-fa

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