Tiny and important lessons you learn in business

quote, important lessons you learn in business, business megg.meToday was one hectic day. I’m writing this after coming home from a dance competition we put on today and in doing so I learnt tiny, but super important, business lessons that I would like to share.

  1. If there is something that can go wrong it will go wrong.

    Yesterday afternoon (the day before our competition) one of my teachers was in a car accident. She had many of the dancer’s clothes with her, so they didn’t receive their clothing until today (the day of the competition). On the way to the competition one of the adult students was in a car accident. By the way, both ladies are OK.

    This morning I realised that I somehow wiped out the correct version of the program for the competition as well as the judges sheets and had printed all the wrong stuff. I had to re-do everything last minute and have it all reprinted. On top of that some of the music was a complete fail and obviously because the program was actually different I had to sit and rename and reorder the music too.

  2. The show must go on.

    Despite any of the disasters listed above, the show must and did go on. In business expect things to go wrong and then fix them and move on. This shows character.

  3. There is always room for improvement

    Learn from your mistakes. There will always be places where you could improve and lessons to be learned in any business. It’s what you take out of the situations, how you deal with the situations, and that you realise you have growing space that counts the most.

  4. Don’t expect everything to always be 100%, and so you work towards having things 110%

    Give your best, always! Try your best, always! Your best is good enough (not always good enough for everyone, but good enough).

  5. Use people to help you, but don’t abuse people.

    Delegate. If you need help, ask for it. People are willing to help and people like to help out (most of the time). So ask for help when needed. But, and this is very important, never ever abuse the help you receive from people. Treat people right, respect their time, and be grateful for the help you are receiving.

  6. Surround yourself with positive people who create positive vibes

    In stressfull situations, where you sometimes find yourself freaking out, it’s great to have people who can bring you back down to earth and remind you that everything will be ok. I have a wonderful friend who always does this and someone that is always willing to help me (even if it’s to simply calm me down).

  7. I ain’t got time for that!

    Cut out negativity. You can never make everyone happy, even though you try! Take the negative comments, learn from them. Often there is room to improve. Sometimes things can be said or done in such a harsh way that you shun the negativity. Don’t! Try to put yourself into the other person’s position and try to understand where they are coming from. Then, try to grow from the experience.

  8. Working with people is never easy.

    Working with people is also so worth it. It would be a lonely world without all the different people. And it would be a boring world if everyone was simple.

Always do your best. There is always place to grow in business and even if you already know all of these lessons, sometimes a reminder is nice. Have a great day! You’re doing a fantastic job!


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