running and writing

Running and writing are kind of the same thing

Running and writing. These two things could not be more different, yet to me, they have a similar meaning in my life. But running and writing have become a ‘safe place’ for me.
I started running last week. Now, I have never been a runner before I’ve always opted for more arts and culture driven forms of exercise like dancing. But, the reason why running appeals to me is because I can do it from anywhere. I don’t need a membership and so, I can do it when and where I want to.

I have fallen in love

I have fallen in love with running, even though I find that I struggle through every run I do. There’s something incredibly meditative about running and I learn a little bit more about myself each time that I run.

I’m not saying it’s easy

It’s not easy to run. And it’s not easy to push myself to run further either. I find that Matt pushes me and has to push me to go that little bit further every time I run.

So how are running and writing the same?

This gets me to how running and writing are alike. Well, much like running, I love to write. Actually, I love to write so much more than I’ll ever love to run. But, I love them both.
I can write from anywhere and at any time, just like with running. This makes it perfect for the lifestyle I’m creating. I want to create a life and career that I can do from anywhere. I want to be able to travel and still work, travel and still stay fit. I want to be able to schedule my own time and if I want to take a day for myself I know that I can catch up in my own time again.

Writing is also not easy to do

I do sometimes struggle to write too and I do sometimes need a push. I have found ways to push myself though when it comes to writing. I push myself by setting deadlines and writing goals. I now need to mentally focus on pushing myself more when I run because I know that I can. I already know how far I can run and so, why can’t my brain realise that I can do it every day? Why do I need to struggle mentally every time I do the run? It’s the same with writing, I know how much I can write, realistically, and so I can keep doing it.

If I can run, then I can write

I have been telling myself that I need to get into a writing routine since I moved last month. Today is the day that I start again. If I can find time to run, then I can find time to write.

Some interesting things about running and writing

Some great things that I have discovered about running are that running gives me time to think, time to read (by listening to podcasts/audiobooks), and so it’s the perfect time to think about my writing. Listening to music while running is also such a great way to get story ideas and inspiration for my writing.
I just need to find ways to remember what inspires me while I’m running without stopping to jot the ideas down on my phone.
So, have you found any two things so different in life that have very similar meaning to you in your life? Have you found two things like running and writing that go so well together, that compliment each other and your life?


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