Why every person should be stretching

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully. Well, at least I definitely want to grow old gracefully. What does this mean? Well growing old gracefully in my mind means never seeming old. Never slowing down too much and not being constricted in every day activities.

One way to help keep good mobility is to stretch. That’s right! Stretching is not only for dancers and athletes.

stretching megg.me

Think about it for a second. Stretching is a natural thing to do and our bodies love to stretch. What is the first thing you want to do when you wake up in the mornings? I’m talking about before you get your cup of coffee. You lie in bed and stretch out. It feels good. If you’ve been sitting in a particular static position for a while, you automatically stretch when you get out of it.

Some benefits of stretching include:

  • Improved muscle flexibility
  • Good posture
  • Better blood flow
  • Less muscle tension
  • Better movement in your joints
  • Reduces stiffness and muscle pain

Stretching helps relax your muscles which ultimately relieves tension and pain. Stretching can really assist in living a more pain free life. It also takes a lot of discipline to stretch every day and so if you commit to stretching you will not only benefit your body but you will create a new routine in your day, which will leave you feeling great!



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