10 Things I’ve learned to help me be more organised



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Running a business can be challenging, overwhelming, busy, and oh so rewarding. Sometimes, I find myself cleaning and organising for a lot of my morning just to get things back in place so that I am more productive and so that creativity can flow without any distractions.

I have learned 10 simple ways to help me stay more organised in business and in my personal life, because they always seem to blend into one.

  1. Keep a clean handbag

    Looking into a handbag full of receipts, paper wrappings, pens, and other random goodies can become draining. Keep your handbag clean and not only will it be a lot lighter to carry around but it will also be easier to quickly switch between handbags. I love using little bags inside my handbag to keep everything organised and tidy. Everything must have it’s place. Making sure you know where what is in your bag also saves a lot of time as you won’t be digging frantically to find things.

  2. Tidy up your desktop and computer filing system

    Staring at a busy screen is never a nice feeling. Having a clean desktop is always a good idea. Sort out your filing system. I have slowly but surely been doing this. Honestly some sections of my filing is still a mess, but i’m getting there and I find that I prefer working with sorted files than searching through a mislabeled messy computer filing system.

  3. Keep a dairy

    I love the concept of a bullet journal. Keeping a diary/calendar is really important so that you never miss a date or deadline.

  4. Check off completed tasks

    It’s a great feeling seeing your tasks become less and less throughout your day, week, month, and year. Check it off. Try it, it feels amazing!

  5. Take note of time

    Try to set time limits for each task or project and set your alarm 5 minutes before your time is up and then again when your time is up. Often we get lost intakes or start to procrastinate. Setting a time limit helps create focus and it helps you see a plan for the day.

  6. Let technology be my friend

    Make use of alarms, reminders, and note taking apps on your phone and computer. These apps are designed to help us. so let them!

  7. Make lists

    Brainstorm. Get everything you have jumbled up in your head out on paper. Some people like to do this in the morning and some in the evenings. Personally, I feel evenings are great for making lists. You get everything off your mind and onto paper. This way you will also sleep so much better. No waking up thinking “I can’t forget this.” or “I must quickly write this down”. I am guilty for doing this so by making my lists in the evening I get to sleep better too.

  8. Clear my clutter

    If you sit at a desk and work clear the clutter. Clutter can weigh a person down and cause a good reason to procrastinate. Try clear your desk at the end of each day so that you start the next day clean and fresh.

  9. Have pretty things around me

    Whether it’s a plant on your desk (I have a little white orchid), nice decor, or even colourful and happy stationary. Make sure you want to be where you are. If it’s a pretty working area, you will be more likely to enjoy working there.

  10. Reward myself

    We make so little time for ourselves. So, I feel it’s a great idea to reward yourself after completing particularly difficult or time consuming tasks. This will also be play as a great motivator to help get the tasks done. Promise yourself a massage, or a date with the girls, or even a candle lit bubble bath. Promise yourself something that you enjoy doing.



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