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Mid-Year Review | Free Worksheet

We are halfway through 2017 and so today I decided to do a mid-year review for myself, my goals, and my business. I did this in Evernote, however, I found it so useful that I decided to make an even prettier version, which you can download, print, and complete yourself.

How does it work?

I’m not a huge fan of printing things out so I will often download them and then complete them in the GoodNotes app on my iPad. Sometimes though, I find that things get lost in my GoodNotes filing system if I don’t export them, so then I do print things out. Whatever you choose to do, I hope that this mid-year review gets you thinking a bit.

Download the mid-year review

Who is this mid-year review for?

This review is aimed at writers and business owners, but anyone can complete it. I really think it could be helpful to everyone no matter what your goals are for the year. Sometimes writing things out makes us realise how far ahead, behind, or on track we really are. I do not want to live two exact same years and so, I want to constantly be growing and creating. I keep track of my growth through reviews and goal sheets.

You don’t have any goals

Well, maybe you should have goals. Goals give us something to work towards. These goals can be personal (like weight loss, healthy living, and exercise), family (spending more time together, date nights, and more traveling), or business goals (income, products, writing goals).

What are you waiting for?

If you’re keen on reflecting on your year up until now then you can download the printable workbook over here.

If you prefer something more techy which means less paper then complete the pdf on a pdf editor or on an iPad app.

Images from the mid-year review workbook

These images, give you an idea of how the workbook looks. Please don’t click to download an image as they are small and the quality will be terrible. To download the full workbook, click here.

Download your mid-year review over here!


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