setting crazy goals

Setting crazy goals – is it worth the insane ride to achieve them?


I’m staring at a painting on my desk of “la tour Eiffel” (The Eiffel Tower). I’m remembering when I bought this painting on the streets of Montmartre in Paris. I’m remembering how just before I bought this painting I walked into the Starbucks, got myself a coffee and sat on the pavement drinking it. I’m reminiscing about good times in an amazing place.
My mind starts to wander and I’m dreaming about going back to Paris. “Next year”. I tell myself. “Next Year I will go back. Next Year I will take myself back and I will make it happen”. Do you sometimes set crazy goals, for no real reason other than for pure joy?

My crazy goal

I have packaged this crazy goal of mine in my mind as a business trip. And so, that’s exactly what it will be. It will be a business trip. Now, I need to figure out how exactly I’m going to make it a business trip.
I will sit in Cafe’s and write (that’s what I love about writing, I can do it from anywhere). I have booked a photo shoot in Paris. And, I’ll be inspired beyond words to write about new things. Who knows, a book I write may be set in Paris. Research, you know. Hint hint, nudge nudge.
Anyway, as crazy as this completely made-up business trip of mine sounds, at the moment, it isn’t is it? It shouldn’t be. This is a mental gap of my own that I need to overcome. And, a huge financial gap too.

The real reason for my crazy goals

The real reason I have set this stupid crazy goal of this unnecessary business trip to France to have photo’s taken by a photographer who lives in my country is because I need the push to start making real money with my business.

Sometimes we need to set absolutely crazy goals to make our dreams come true.

I’m currently reading The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. In short, it’s about setting your goals 10 times higher than you would want to and putting in 10 times more effort to reach those goals. So, working your freaking butt off. Grant talks about success being an obligation and in many ways, I agree with him.
So, in order for me to meet my crazy Paris business trip goal. I am going to try to apply as much of the 10x rule as possible. And, I’m going to stop calling it a crazy goal. Instead, I’ll start talking about my Paris business trip and I will make it happen.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, sometimes we need to tell people about our crazy goals so that they are out there in the world. People don’t actually care about your hopes, dreams, wishes, goals, and crazy plans. But, through the action of telling people about your own goals, you feel accountable to them, for some strange reason. You don’t want to fail. You don’t want to not achieve your goals.

It’s all a mental game.

Trick yourself into believing you can do it and you could actually surprise yourself. Your mind is a strong tool. My mind is a strong tool and I have proven this to myself many times before. I have proven that if I set my mind on something, I can and will make it happen. I have not truly failed at something that I really wanted. I have made it happen every single time, no matter what it may take to make it happen.

It’s not going to be easy

Nothing worth working for in life is ever easy. It will look easy to everyone around you. Remember that. It will look easy. It will look like a lot of fun. No one is going to see the sleepless nights, the tears, and the hard work that goes into it. You don’t ever see that part. Remember that.

When you feel like quitting

Remember that it’s never an easy game. It never looks good from behind the scenes. It always looks easy to other people. So keep your head up, keep on working, keep on pushing as hard as you can.
This is as much a letter to myself as it is to you, the person that has read this all the way through. This is not a letter to those who stopped reading halfway, because, I already know that they don’t have what it takes. Perseverance, patience, and the willingness to stick it out when things do get ugly.

You go girl!

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